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Ayurveda is among the most precious gifts of nature that has been nourished on our shores for over a millennium.

Olive ayurveda offers holistic healing by ayurvedic treatments and therapies and we can ensure you high quality personalized medical care.  Olive ayurveda commenced its operation in 2012 by establishing a clinic in a village in NR Pura, Chikmangalore (dist), Karnataka.

The founder of Olive ayurveda , the visionary physician, Dr Jobin Jacob, persued his BAMS degree from Amrutha Ayurveda Medical college Chithradurga and MD from A L N R Memorial Ayurveda Medical College, Koppa, Karnataka.

Olive ayurveda was started essentially as a village clinic, on clicking to a great success, Olive ayurveda expanded to Shimoga in 2013 and to Bangalore in 2014.

By the end of 2014, Dr Jobin Jacob started a new clinic in his hometown, panchayath junction , chungathara, nilambur, kerala. Now it is a well established clinic with new machineries and a manufacturing unit.

Olive ayurveda have the final solution for all gynecological problems treated by well trained and very experienced lady doctor Dr. Kezia Jobin, BSMS.

Olive ayurveda has its own pharmacy as well where, you can get all ayurvedic medicines available in India.


This clinic was set up with a view of providing ayurvedic treatments in the true tradition. We focus on maintaining the health in healthy and restoration of health in diseased.

We offer panchakarma treatments as well by well trained and experienced male therapist for male patients and female therapist for female patients.

Panchakarma Treatments

A non stop continuos stream of prescribed medicinal liquid is gently poured on the patient’s forehead from a prescribed height through a specially devised apparatus called dhara chatty for a period of one to one and a half hours. In special cases dhara is administered on whole body. Dhara is effective for stress, sleeplessness and degenerating brain disorders.

 Navara rice is cooked in cow’s milk and prescribed decoction and it is then tied into kizhi. Kizhi is dipped in the same mixture kept boiling over a low flame and applied over the patient’s whole body with comfortable temperature.It is a special massage for rejuvenation of the body also effective in degenerating muscle diseases like poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy.

In this treatment medicated oil at a bearable temperature is kept over the head of the patient fitted with a leather cap.This procedure is effective in treating trigeminal neuralgia, hemicrania, optic atropy, deafness, facial paralysis and all cranial nerve related problems.

 A linen dipped in comfortably warm medicated oil is squeezed over the patient’s body and a gentle massage is given.It is effective in treating spondylosis, hemiplegia, arthritis, back pain, muscular dystrophy etc.

This treatment is effective in treating paralysis, rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, and other sychosomatic diseases.

Medicated with bearable warm is used to massage the whole body of the patient.Effective in treating all types of pain and muscular problems.

Kashaya vasthy is enema done with a combination of herbal decoction and other medicines. This is mostly to cleanse the intestines and to make the vata in balance. This is always done in combination with the snehavasthy and always before food. To prepare the solution for the kashayavasthy there are strict guide lines which should be followed properly for the better action of the treatment. The medicines prescribed should be mixed together in the given sequence and warmed slightly before introducing it. As in snehavasthy the patient’s stomach and back should be properly oleated and sweat by using water vapor. Then in his left lateral position the medicine is introduced through the anus in constant pressure. As this is not meant for retaining inside, the patient can go to the toilet when he feels so. After the bowel movement and a hot water bath he can take his food which altogether will relieve the discomforts he may feel after the enema.

Snehavasthy is enema done with oil alone or a combination of oil and other medicines. This is mainly for nourishing the lower digestive tract and to lead the vata in its normal path. This can be done alone or in combination with kashayavasthy. Snehavasthy is usually done after food, this is to prevent the upward movement of the oil in to the stomach. For that the patient should be prepared by snehana, swedana, vamana, virechana etc. according to the condition. Then after a major meal the person is laid on a comfortable table in his left lateral position and his abdomen and the hip region are oleated and sweat well with steam. Then the suitable amount of oil is warmed and filled in a syringe and introduced gently through the anus and pushed in with a constant pressure. After that he can lay on his back and some movements of the legs are done to keep the oil in the intestines for the maximum time. Usually the oil will come out after 1-2 hours. If the oil is not coming out also there is nothing to worry.

Literally means introducing medicaments through the nose. This is the best method of cleansing for the head and it cleanses all the organs above the neck. As the head is the main seat of kapha, it is the prime treatment for kapha. For this also suitable preparations are done depending on the condition and the strength of the patient. Nasyam will done while the patient lying on his back on a comfortable table with stretched neck. Then his face and neck are thoroughly oleated and sweat by water vapor before putting the drops in.

Virechanam means medically induced purgation. This is a cleansing method to clean the lower digestive tract. This is a method of cleansing for elimination of excessive pitha dosha. Virechanam is usually done after proper preparations as in every panchakarma. The medicine used will be decided after a thorough evaluation of the koshtum of the patient or the nature of the digestive tract. The medicine will be given to the patient in the morning in empty stomach. Then he has to drink warm Water to stimulate the digestive tract. The activities of the patient and his food will be highly restricted on the day.

Rakthamokshum or blood letting is very effective in some diseases which the blood impurities are the main reasons for the disease. Various methods are used for this purpose for e.g. using leech, by venesection, through shallow wounds etc. The appropriate method can be selected according to the disease either localized or generalized, dominance of vata, pitha and kapha etc. This panchakarma is selected for cure in cases in which all the other treatments found ineffective.

Special Medicines

Olive Ayurveda have effective treatments for many ailments which finds no permanent cure in modern medicine

Our Doctors

Dr. Jobin Jacob BAMS, MD

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Dr. Keziya Jobin BSMS, MD (Acu)

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